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When D started using again

Photo: "is there a ghost?" courtesy of Porsche Brosseau ©
Photo: “is there a ghost?” courtesy of Porsche Brosseau ©

When D started using again

I hid the wallet and debit cards
in a laundry basket under the bed,

along with the check book, silver earrings,
and car keys. Weapons were found:

neglected staple gun (empty,
mostly likely), red rung

of a quilt rack (could give a good whack),
book of feminist poetry (to distract).

Called a friend, just to have a distress call
ready, then sat, stick in arm’s reach,

doors bolted, porch light searching
for that first step, when shadow would arrive,

followed by the body of that beautiful
raging man. Imagined the thrashing

that could ensue, blew out the candles,
hid the laptop. Thought of the holes

he would smash, into the walls, into my head,
larger than the ones that already lined

my insides, single file, one for every visit,
like a gas station coffee punch card.


This poem previously appeared on the Mulberry Poets & Writers Association website.

Laurel Radzieski spends her nights in the theatre and her days writing and teaching. A recent MFA graduate of Goddard College, she is the Interim Director of Theatre at Keystone College and an actor for the Dietrich Children’s Theatre. Laurel is a Poetry Editor for Clockhouse and her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Really System, Monster Fancy and The Same. She …

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