Issue #1 |

The Solzhenitsyn Watch

His eye dangled. His eye dangled but still he could not get on television where people would love him, admire him, gush and shy—in his mind he could see the yearning expressions of their faces—little girls with silver buttons all down their back – “Well, Jay (Johnny, David, Conan, Wolf, Rachel), I’m really nothing special, just the happy beneficiary of the kindness of a great many other people who…” he imagined himself saying. Other times it was more like, “Oh you’re far too kind to an ordinary run of the mill superstar like myself…”

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Steven Barthelme was born in 1947 in Houston, the son of the celebrated architect Donald Barthelme Sr. He is the author of the story collection And He Tells the Little Horse the Whole Story and the co-author, with his brother Frederick, of Double Down: Reflections on Gambling and Loss. A collection of essays and occasional …

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