Issue #3 |

The crowds

We arrived in crowds,

and I said


I have already seen this.

The crowds


made little homes at

the tops of buildings


that sagged

and the crowds


made ready for winter

and hoped for the old


water in the canals

to harden the boats and the trash


which I had never seen

and I told them that


and we looked for things

that looked like



The horizon


became something

the sea made


and everything telt.

There was no


other horizon

even though we looked for it


though I had seen it.

The crowds made crowds


and a city

and the white winter came.


We enjoyed

the chance to be alone.


Then we went to the sea

to see past ourselves.


The wide still of

the land was full.

author megan garr

Megan M. Garr is a poet and the founder of the literary & arts journal Versal.¬†She is the author of two books of poetry:¬†Terrane (MIEL, 2015) and The Preservationist Documents (Pilot Books, 2012). Her writings on inequalities in the literary world and its economy have been published in several anthologies, including Literary Publishing in the …

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