Issue #3 |

The beautiful blue attendant I

The beautiful blue attendant I

sneak closely at her face

Her calm hems Everything

put together No wonder we can fly


How far up?

Even the sky ends


At certain velocities the film breaks The

other side

refulgent against black black


The way is this way

guided in blue

The gnats and little finches The

trashed traintracks

Anxious, whatever is left of soil The weight of a few of us

soon gone


The rocket will push


the diaphanous wingspan over


How far


Even now on the ground she

makes sure

I stand near


We have two hands each we can paint with

It is glorious and shivering

It is light like light

author megan garr

Megan M. Garr is a poet and the founder of the literary & arts journal Versal.¬†She is the author of two books of poetry:¬†Terrane (MIEL, 2015) and The Preservationist Documents (Pilot Books, 2012). Her writings on inequalities in the literary world and its economy have been published in several anthologies, including Literary Publishing in the …

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