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| By Travis Kurowski

[ Issue Issue #3 ]

Binaries & Borders

“When we change languages, we are altering ourselves, and at the same time giving up parts of ourselves.  And here, now, I feel like I am nearly lost.” —from The Possibilities Are Endless by Maya Weeks I. One of my students was wearing a “No Binary” button the other day, which made me happy. As …

, | By Travis Kurowski

[ December 16, 2015 ]

White Album

We tell ourselves stories in order to live. —Joan Didion, The White Album I was fond of Christmas as a kid, what with all the presents and candy and general atmosphere. It was a time of year when it was okay to eat too much, watch too much television, stay in one’s pajamas until dinner. …

| By Jim Shepard & Travis Kurowski

[ December 5, 2014 ]

I Stumble Into Everything – An Interview with Jim Shepard

Jim Shepard’s was the first story I ever read in a literary magazine; it was “Climb Aboard the Mighty Flea,” in a 2002 issue of The Paris Review. I found it in college while wandering around in the library between classes. The story is about a group of lunatic German Messerschmitt 163 test pilots during WWII. It begins: I am Oberleutnant …