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| By Tom Williams

[ Issue Issue #19 ]

Why I Will Not be Asked to Deliver Remarks at Next Year’s Martin Luther King Day Prayer Breakfast

Thank you, Dr. Payne-Walker, both for the kind introduction and the invitation to speak at this distinguished annual ceremony. Thank you also for directions to the chapel. Any spiritual interests disappeared long before I arrived on campus eleven years ago. And, yes, I knew about the other prayer breakfasts held here, as well as the …

| By Michael Nye

[ Issue Issue #19 ]

Summer 2024

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| By Ann Aspell

[ Issue Issue #19 ]

What Happens to the Rest

There was an air of license beforehand, an anticipatory giddiness, especially between Gil and Angela, though they weren’t partaking, only making sure I came to no harm. At one point, as Gil refilled Angela’s glass, some of it missed the mark and trickled down her forearm; he ran a finger slowly up its track, elbow …