Tag: Story Foundation Prize

| By Laura Venita Green

[ Issue Issue #14 ]


The Thompson kids’ dad sold the black walnut trees behind their house for timber and now clusters of big sad stumps spoiled the backyard. Tess was living with and caring for the kids—ten-year-old Miles and eight-year-old Minnie—while the Thompson mom recovered in some facility for broken-down women and the Thompson dad drove a long-haul truck …

| By Karl Taro Greenfeld

[ Issue Issue #11 ]

Womanly Words

My father’s first wife had died giving birth to Utaka, the youngest of my three older brothers. She had done her duty, my father often joked, giving him an abundance of sons. Therefore he could afford to be less stringent when it came to selecting his next wife. He had settled for Hanako, the mother …

| By Anne Elliott

[ Issue Issue #8 ]

Night Watch

Jules stepped through the wall, into the old, flat world of the painting. “Madam?” The guard poked her head from the real world into this one. “Would you like me to take your picture?” One end of the gallery was a gilt-framed proscenium. Behind it was a replica of an old Dutch kitchen with a …