Tag: Nonfiction

| By Kastalia Medrano

[ Issue Issue #4 ]

The Momentary Town

A desert, by definition, is an inherently vacuous thing. It is characterized by absence, so much so that we even have a word for the fantastical and almost certainly not-real images it drives us to see. Had you gotten hypothetically lost for a few days in the South African desert of Tankwa Karoo, the extreme …

, | By Kaila Young

[ April 26, 2016 ]

New Day Tuesday: Far and Away: Reporting from the Brink of Change by Andrew Solomon

The desire to escape grounds itself in many of us, but it laid roots early in Andrew Solomon. As a Jewish child hearing stories of the Holocaust and obsessing over British fairy tales, Solomon prepared for his opportunity to get out. In his essay “Dispatches from Everywhere,” Solomon writes: I was afraid of the world. …

, | By Chris Wiewiora

[ March 14, 2016 ]


Scientists should be futurists. If we don’t understand flowing wells, then what chance do we have for a future? At the end of July, I stood among a cluster of Sustainable Agriculture students from Iowa State University under a gazebo in Eagle Grove, Iowa staring at an elbow-bent pipe sprouting from the cement foundation. We were …