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| By Susan Straight

[ Issue Issue #10 ]

Stealing Home

When the Los Angeles Dodgers won the 2020 World Series last year, I was sitting on the couch with my youngest daughter Rosette, 25, here in Riverside, California, 55 miles from Dodger Stadium in LA, and on the phone with my mother, Gabrielle Gertrude Leu Straight Watson, 85, who was sitting alone in her mauve …

| By Lucy Marcus

[ Issue Issue #8 ]

The Long Punch

I’m not a violent person, but I do have a fantasy of punching him in the face. Last I heard, he still lives in New York, where I have recently returned after a decade away. In my fantasy, I run into him on the sidewalk or the subway and land a good right hand to …

| By Min Han

[ Issue Issue #7 ]


The morning of the test, I arrived at the dive shop before the first minibus from Inhambane reached the market bearing the day’s supply of rolls. On the concrete deck, in the half dark, I stood shivering and scanning the profiles of my charges. Late September marked the tail end of winter, dry and cool, …

| By Evelyn Somers

[ Issue Issue #7 ]

Rust Rot History

“He has also set eternity in the human heart.” ~Ecclesiastes 3:11 THE HOARD It became clear that time was against me. That mortality was always slinking around. That our three children, now almost grown, shouldn’t have to dispose of their dad’s, my husband’s, vast piles of stuff after we died. And that a 3,800-square-foot house …

| By Annie McGreevy

[ Issue Issue #5 ]

Dead Man Doubting

The Atlantic is unpredictable in September. A hurricane might gather in the Caribbean and disperse off the coast of the Carolinas, older and weaker. But its winds and currents stretch far like evil, invisible fingers and arrive at the little beach where Betty and Bill go before anybody expects them. This is the beach where …

| By Mako Yoshikawa

[ Issue Issue #5 ]

Jersey Girl

When my mother first came to America, she wore a pink coat with a rounded collar and four beveled black buttons. A farewell present from her parents and by far the most expensive garment she’d ever owned, the coat was wool, custom-made, and heavy enough to withstand the winters of Boston. It was March 1959; …

| By Corinne Lee

[ Issue Issue #2 ]

Kissing the Monster

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| By Marco Roth

[ Issue Issue #1 ]

The Scientists

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| By David Shields

[ Issue Issue #1 ]

On Brevity

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| By Theodora Goss

[ Issue Issue #2 ]

The Fin-de-Siècle Monster

London is a time-machine.  As you walk through the city, you move through different eras: there is the house where Dickens lived, the hospital where Keats received his medical training, Shakespeare’s theater.  You experience all the Londons that have existed, superimposed as in a palimpsest.   I was in London to research a particular time: …