| By Elise Winn

[ Issue Issue #3 ]

Dead Man

After the funeral the husband sat on a bench near the cemetery, folding and unfolding a slip of paper he’d found. He watched squirrels and waited. He considered sleeping on the ground, waiting for the grass to grow and cover him, but the only thing he really wanted to do was go home, so he …

| By Maya Weeks

[ Issue Issue #3 ]

The Possibilities Are Endless

I invite you to join the five and a half million people, including those in Greenland and the Faroe Islands, who speak Danish. It’s not that complicated—you don’t even have to conjugate verbs according to person, let alone gender—but it can be difficult to learn since the ethnic Danish population doesn’t expect foreigners to learn …

| By Natalia Panzer

[ Issue Issue #3 ]

The Blind

I return to the room for a long time each time for a long time and each time you are there, often unfolding my stomach. In this way, my cheek swelled to a door and shortly after, it opened.

| By Megan M. Garr

[ Issue Issue #3 ]

The beautiful blue attendant I

The beautiful blue attendant I sneak closely at her face Her calm hems Everything put together No wonder we can fly   How far up? Even the sky ends   At certain velocities the film breaks The other side refulgent against black black   The way is this way guided in blue The gnats and …

| By Megan M. Garr

[ Issue Issue #3 ]

The crowds

We arrived in crowds, and I said   I have already seen this. The crowds   made little homes at the tops of buildings   that sagged and the crowds   made ready for winter and hoped for the old   water in the canals to harden the boats and the trash   which I …

| By Megan M. Garr

[ Issue Issue #3 ]

The Mapmaker

The tram conductors will strike tomorrow— Efren buttoned the top of his coat and adjusted his scarf. With old men it is always politics or the past, and usually they are the same. The too-loud discussions closed as the door closed in the bar behind him. He crossed to the other side of the canal. …

, | By Brenna Kischuk

[ Issue Issue #3 ]

Picture City

48 miles northwest In January of 2005 a mudslide covered the beachside town of La Conchita. Known as punta until 1925, it was founded in the late 19th century by men working on the South Pacific Railroad. The landslide destroyed thirty-six of one hundred sixty homes. Ten people died. The railroad still a vein running …

| By Stephen Dixon

[ Issue Issue #3 ]

A Different End

I’m all confused. What if she hadn’t gone to Emergency that last time? She didn’t want to go. I told her she had to. “Listen, you’re sick. You can’t stay at home. We can’t chance it. You have what seems like pneumonia again. After four times in two years, I can recognize the signs. You’ve …

, | By Aaron Gilbreath

[ Issue Issue #3 ]

At the Jazz Kissa

Like the cramped sushi bar I found in Kyoto packed with friendly businessmen and laughing smokers, and the independent Tokyo record store I found filled with collectible blues and jazz, I stumbled on Jazz In Rokudenashi by accident. It was a jazu kissa on a brick side street in Kyoto’s historic Gion-Shijō district. Jazu kissa …

, | By JL Bogenschneider

[ September 7, 2015 ]

Irregular Border Marriages

The border hasn’t always existed. It was put there for complex geo-historic and political reasons so long ago that no-one knows much about them now. I live right next to the border, which is a line drawn in the dirt. That is also true of my home, which is a series of straight lines, bisecting …