| By Rosanna Staffa

[ Issue Issue #3 ]

Lacrima Rerum

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| By Girija Tropp

[ Issue Issue #3 ]

Lesser Accidents

The books I got from Amazon are now added to my list of burdens, but the earnestness of the author has stopped their journey to the trashcan. His car crash reminds me of my sister and her mashed up body, and she did have the same fecklessness that he does, the evangelical approach to wellness …

| By Helen Betya Rubinstein

[ Issue Issue #3 ]

In Kishinev

In Kishinev two boys came from the hotel to pick us up. They held out a sign with our names on it, nodded privyet, and walked us to a sporty red Fiat. Inside, the familiar rumble of ignition, then a blast of club music that got turned down. From our spot low to the ground …

| By Maia Evrona

[ Issue Issue #3 ]

The City

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| By Danniel Schoonebeek

[ Issue Issue #3 ]

C’est la guerre

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| By Sarah Wang

[ Issue Issue #3 ]

Indoor Swap Meet

We left at seven in the morning, a grey film over my brain. My mother handed me a steamed bun wrapped in a napkin. I chewed somnambulantly, cataloging the changing landscape as we sped on the 710 South, the 10 East. A pig in a shrunken red cap brandishing a baseball bat, grinning above the …

| By Hasan Elahi & Matthew Clay-Robison

[ Issue Issue #3 ]

I Am Completely Blurred: An Interview with Hasan Elahi

In 2012, Hasan Elahi displayed his work at York College of Pennsylvania (images from An Undisclosed Location are featured in the print edition of Story #3). What follows is his interview with gallery director Matthew Clay-Robison. MCR: This exhibition features both your Tracking Transience project and An Undisclosed Location, a brand new body of work. …

| By Richard Kostelanetz

[ Issue Issue #3 ]

A Life in New York City

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| By Travis Kurowski

[ Issue Issue #3 ]

Binaries & Borders

“When we change languages, we are altering ourselves, and at the same time giving up parts of ourselves.  And here, now, I feel like I am nearly lost.” —from The Possibilities Are Endless by Maya Weeks I. One of my students was wearing a “No Binary” button the other day, which made me happy. As …

| By Kristopher Jansma

[ Issue Issue #3 ]

Lexiphanic Love

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