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| By Wayne White & Matthew Clay-Robison

[ Issue Issue #2 ]

A Conversation with Wayne White

Matthew Clay-Robison: You said to me recently that many of your artist friends wish they were musicians and many of the musicians you know wish they were artists. Whose career would you rather have: Art Spiegelman or Earl Scruggs? Wayne White: Art Spiegelman. Drawing is something that I knew before I wanted to play music. …

| By Hasan Elahi & Matthew Clay-Robison

[ Issue Issue #3 ]

I Am Completely Blurred: An Interview with Hasan Elahi

In 2012, Hasan Elahi displayed his work at York College of Pennsylvania (images from An Undisclosed Location are featured in the print edition of Story #3). What follows is his interview with gallery director Matthew Clay-Robison. MCR: This exhibition features both your Tracking Transience project and An Undisclosed Location, a brand new body of work. …