Tag: Lawrence Coates

| By Lawrence Coates

[ Issue Issue #19 ]

The Promised Land

i Every morning, when the black of sky had barely lightened to a deep blue in the east and the camp lay quiet and exhausted, Maggie McCurdy heard her father stir, and prop himself up on one elbow, and say to her mother, “All right, old woman, time.” Then Maggie’s mother sat up, eyes wide …

| By Lawrence Coates

[ Issue Issue #10 ]

The Ferry and the Road

A voice hailed Noah Forge from across the broad river, and Forge peered through the fog that hung low over the clearing. On the eastern bank, a single traveler sat upon a great ashen-colored horse, a broad yellow duster draping his shoulders. The traveler raised his arm and called for passage. Forge shucked off his …