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[ August 29, 2023 ]

Our Conversation with AJ Bermudez

AJ Bermudez has come a long way since she was five-years-old and selling to her parents ‘novels’ folded from single sheets of paper. Her first book, Stories No One Hopes Are About Them, winner of the 2022 Iowa Short Fiction Award and 2023 Lambda Award Finalist, is as every bit witty and real as she. …

[ June 25, 2021 ]

Our Conversation with Brian Leung

Brian Leung is the author of the novels Lost Men, Take Me Home, and Ivy vs Dogg: With a Cast of Thousands!. His short-story collection, World Famous Love Acts, won the Asian American Literary Award and the Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction. Born and raised in San Diego County, he is a Professor of  …

[ November 23, 2020 ]

Our Conversation with Bess Winter

Bess Winter is the author of “Machines of Another Era,” which appeared on our site in 2016. She is an Assistant Professor of English at Eastern Illinois University, where she’s Editor-in-Chief of Bluestem. Her debut collection, Machines of Another Era, will be released by Gold Wake Press in 2021. INTERVIEWER Can you tell me a …

| By Wayne White & Matthew Clay-Robison

[ Issue Issue #2 ]

A Conversation with Wayne White

Matthew Clay-Robison: You said to me recently that many of your artist friends wish they were musicians and many of the musicians you know wish they were artists. Whose career would you rather have: Art Spiegelman or Earl Scruggs? Wayne White: Art Spiegelman. Drawing is something that I knew before I wanted to play music. …

| By Hasan Elahi & Matthew Clay-Robison

[ Issue Issue #3 ]

I Am Completely Blurred: An Interview with Hasan Elahi

In 2012, Hasan Elahi displayed his work at York College of Pennsylvania (images from An Undisclosed Location are featured in the print edition of Story #3). What follows is his interview with gallery director Matthew Clay-Robison. MCR: This exhibition features both your Tracking Transience project and An Undisclosed Location, a brand new body of work. …

| By Alice Dreger & Rory Kraft

[ December 22, 2018 ]

If That Were Me, What Would I Want? – An Interview with Alice Dreger

A lot of your work in medical history examines people and conditions which are considered by the larger society to be “monstrous” or “freakish.”  What do you think it means to “monsterize” these people? I think humans are fascinated by differences, including extreme differences, and also have a tendency to want to say to themselves …

, , | By Kaila Young

[ August 22, 2016 ]

Evolution of a Warrior for Literary Diversity: An Interview with Alexandra Watson

  Alexandra Watson is the executive editor of Apogee, a journal of literature and art that engages with identity politics and social justice. Published in July 2016, Issue 07 of Apogee holds poetry, nonfiction, fiction, art, and interviews majorly confronting the idea of mourning. Bound by a stunning cover of a watercolor-skinned silhouette with clear eyes, this …

, | By Kaila Young

[ January 29, 2016 ]

Christopher DeWeese Interview Part II: It’s Beautiful and It’s Also Really Sad

This is the second installation of a two-part interview with poet Christopher DeWeese; read part one here.     STORY: Can you talk about Alternative Music a bit more? How you are remixing the songs? DEWEESE: It’s hard, because the premise is I can only do this with songs that I remember well enough that I can …

, | By Kaila Young

[ January 28, 2016 ]

Christopher DeWeese Interview Part I: To You Who Are Reading This Poem in the Future

This is the first of a two-part interview with the poet Christopher DeWeese; read part two here. Something brilliant happens when a poet tangles with philosophy; he plunges into questions he knows are unanswerable, with a hypersensitive awareness of perspective. I have been lucky enough to witness this entanglement twice recently. The first time was while reading the …

, | By Keigan Wersler

[ November 30, 2015 ]

Fiction Doesn’t Need a Platform: Talking with the Novelist Justina Ireland

On Thursday, September 17, 2015, I met novelist Justina Ireland at lunch with the Story staff and several York College of Pennsylvania students. She was visiting as part of the college’s cultural series of lectures and readings, and she had agreed to do an interview with me after lunch for the Story website. When we arrived at the …