Tag: Ellen Rhudy

| By Ellen Rhudy

[ Issue Issue #12 ]

Best of Times

As he drove, Dex instructed me on how to behave at the MacPherson’s. “Today you get to really understand your role in supporting our system,” he said. “You should look around, take it all in.”   He had thoughts on what I should and should not touch, who I should speak to, where to find a …

| By Ellen Rhudy

[ Issue Issue #8 ]

The Body Forgets Herself

Lindy is running. Lindy is the only girl running. If she looked at the stands she would see the fathers waiting for their boys to return to the track. But she isn’t looking to the stands, she is looking ahead and only ahead. Wind pulsing in her hair, stomach knotted, a furious energy coiling in …