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, | By Kaila Young

[ January 29, 2016 ]

Christopher DeWeese Interview Part II: It’s Beautiful and It’s Also Really Sad

This is the second installation of a two-part interview with poet Christopher DeWeese; read part one here.     STORY: Can you talk about Alternative Music a bit more? How you are remixing the songs? DEWEESE: It’s hard, because the premise is I can only do this with songs that I remember well enough that I can …

, | By Kaila Young

[ January 28, 2016 ]

Christopher DeWeese Interview Part I: To You Who Are Reading This Poem in the Future

This is the first of a two-part interview with the poet Christopher DeWeese; read part two here. Something brilliant happens when a poet tangles with philosophy; he plunges into questions he knows are unanswerable, with a hypersensitive awareness of perspective. I have been lucky enough to witness this entanglement twice recently. The first time was while reading the …

, | By Kaila Young

[ January 11, 2016 ]

Our Finite Lives: A Review of Christopher DeWeese’s The Father of the Arrow Is the Thought

Artist Paul Klee said, “The father of the arrow is the thought: How do I expand my reach? Over this river? This lake? That mountain?” Let’s analyze that, the metaphor, the metatheory, the meta—or, let’s not. Instead, let’s look at the work of Christopher DeWeese, a poet from Ohio whose recent collection reflects the same theories that …