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[ June 25, 2021 ]

Our Conversation with Brian Leung

Brian Leung is the author of the novels Lost Men, Take Me Home, and Ivy vs Dogg: With a Cast of Thousands!. His short-story collection, World Famous Love Acts, won the Asian American Literary Award and the Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction. Born and raised in San Diego County, he is a Professor of  …

| By Brian Leung

[ Issue Issue #8 ]

The Fish is Gone. But the Cake is Here.

The old dude calls from across the covered patio. “It’s the Alps. You are here for trout!” His Slovene accent dominates a cool breeze. He’s unshaven, but smiling and bright-eyed behind glasses with thick black frames, entirely clad in even blacker leather motorcycle garb, a helmet in the seat across from him as if it’s …