Tag: Autumn 2019

| By Leslie Bienen

[ Issue Issue #6 ]

A Hole in the Head

The first week of my first year of veterinary school started in mid-August but our first big anatomy exam was not until the beginning of October. For those seven weeks, I had thought I was doing okay. Or perhaps pretended is a better word. I probably knew everything was not fine, though from the distance …

| By Kim Henderson

[ Issue Issue #6 ]

Leo, Leonora

After the hysterectomy, Katrina couldn’t shake the feeling that she was pregnant.  Impossible, she knew, but it didn’t change the heaviness of her breasts and the warm knot in her pelvis. Women in online forums had warned her that the surgery might leave her feeling sexless, even castrated, but so far the opposite was true. …

| By Greg Hrbek

[ Issue Issue #6 ]

The Body

He receives the body on a Tuesday. It isn’t the delivery that surprises him, but the way the body has been deposited on the porch in a zippered black bag bound on either end by a loop of duct tape, just left there in the middle of the day, on a weekday when he was …

| By Mary L. Tabor

[ Issue Issue #6 ]

Worn to Weakness

Once again Vera would lay down Sunday dinner for her son Henry on her mahogany table with its gold inlaid border that had begun to show the table’s age. She would think of all the Sunday dinners, the weeks and months and years, in soups she had simmered, made fragrant with carrots and onions, bay …