9/30/2022: Story is OPEN to submissions

You are welcome to send us your short fiction at any time by visiting our Submission Manager.

The editors invite submissions of short fiction. Please indicate in your cover letter which genre (flash fiction, short story, or long story) you are submitting in. Do not mix genres in the same submission. Payment rate is $10 per printed page. All manuscripts should be double-spaced. Previously unpublished material only. Our standard response time is from 12-16 weeks. Manuscripts are read year round. Simultaneous submissions are okay as long as you notify us if accepted elsewhere.

Wow, you’re still here? Okay, then.

This page has existed on our site for a long time, and while on this page there is not one, but two links to our Submission Manager, we figured we might better address the one big question that gets asked of editors all the time: How do I get published in your magazine?

Every editor responds the same way: you should read our magazine first. As a writer, you might find that response a little grating. Who has time to read every single literary magazine? There are so many of them! Naturally, because we are biased in our own favor, we do believe you should subscribe to Story because it is the best magazine for writers and for readers, and our issues look incredible, and our authors are amazing, and the stories are engaging and unforgettable, and our prices are great. You can get a one, or two, or three-year subscription right now.

In addition, we do make several stories published in our print edition available for free on our website. Our autumn 2020 issue sold out, so we made all the stories from that issue available for free on our website. Also on our website are prize-winning stories by Carolyn Ferrell and Crystal Wilkinson¬†and we update our home page often (we aim for the first of the month, but we don’t always make that self-imposed deadline) with stories from our recent issues.

We hope this helps!

Now you’re ready to submit online through our Submission Manager!