Issue #4 |

Spring 2019

Welcome back to Story.

With the recent announcement that not one but two major literary magazines, Tin House and Glimmer Train, will be shutting down, perhaps this is an odd time to relaunch Story. But the nature of literary magazines is ephemeral. So relaunching a historic magazine such as Story is significant to the publishing ecosystem. What you have in your hands now is the fourth iteration of the magazine. Story first began in 1931, folded in the 1970s, returned to life for the 90s, closed again at the end of the century, jumpstarted in 2014, and then went dormant again in 2017. This is the life of literary magazines: they come, they go, they come back, they go again. They are resilient and indefatigable.

For over fifteen years, I have been involved in literary magazines in roles as diverse as fiction reader, associate editor, and managing editor. If I’m honest, I usually breeze by the editor’s note. I have long admired what writer William Trevor wrote about his stories whenever they were republished in Best American Short Stories or the O’Henry Prize Stories. Unlike other writers, who wrote brief and insightful short essays about their award-winning work, which appeared in the back pages alongside their biographies, Trevor included not a sentence, not a word. His stories were all he wanted to say about his creative process. His answer to the question “What’s your story about?” always seemed to be: Read the story.

Inside this issue, you’ll find twelve pieces that I hope you’ll enjoy. I’m delighted to once again feature Michael Martone, whose work appeared in Story in the 1990s; Kastalia Medrano, whose worked appeared in Story in 2015; and Yohanca Delgado’s first publication. Past, present, and future, y’all. I could continue, raving about each individual piece and the writer who penned it, but I’d rather let their stories—the kind that make tyrants weep—speak for themselves.

My deepest gratitude to Travis Kurowski for allowing me to pick up the Story editorship. I’m also deeply indebted to Christopher Burk, whose beautiful painting graces our cover, and Aubrey Hirsch, who has illustrated our authors. I’d like to thank the writers: their skill and craft is why you are reading this magazine, and I’m grateful that they have trusted Story with their work.

And, of course, you, the reader, who I hope will continue reading Story for several years to come.

—Michael Nye, Editor-in-Chief

michael nye

Michael Nye is the editor of Story. He is the author of three books of fiction: the story collection Strategies Against Extinction, the novel All the Castles Burned, and the story collection Until We Have Faces (Turner Publishing, 2020). His fiction and nonfiction have appeared in American Literary Review, Boulevard, Cincinnati Review, Crab Orchard Review, …

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