Issue #1 |

Some Cats

for Alli Warren


every day I see evidence that tells me I should be afraid

later I discover not all my friends are true

here’s a look at some cats


I believe that NBC wants a specific result

a key ingredient in modern police culture is the car chase

mullet girl looking like she having good time


the market is a rabbit warren of distant Navajos

all I ever did was deliver data and collect it again

all I could notice was some children have no books at all


I was the instrument that I must care for

the dots but not the smile

the smile without the university education


the billionaire is clearly not able and it’s a bit poor

what if the main ingredient in his curry is stewed human?

there has to be a pun here someplace or at least a blank


I would like to thank PillsExpert for letting me share

it’s really a good plan paying attention and all

doo doo doo dah dah dah that’s all I want to say to you

K. Silem Mohammad is an American poet and Professor of Creative Writing at Southern Oregon University. He is one of the Flarf poets. He is the author of several books of poetry, including Deer Head Nation, A Thousand Devils, Breathalyzer, and The Front.  

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