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Selected Stories for February 19, 2016

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As David Foster Wallace saw coming back in 1996: there are four trillion stories coming at you every day, “and it’s too much work to do triage to decide” what to read. Below are some recent stories online that are too good to miss:

Kristopher Jansma’s beautifully honest recounting of how life doesn’t stop for death published at the Real Simple website.

Poet and law student Reginald Dwayne Betts on solitary confinement in The Law Yale Journal: “I thought about suicide. I almost disappeared.”

Summer Brennan of The Lit Hub talks about trying to read 44 issues of The New Yorker in a six-night solo vacation.

A Wikipedia-shaped story about hair by author Carmella Guiol over at The Normal School.

“the underworld,” a poem guarded by a three headed caterpillar by Tyler Gonlag at Guernica.

Laurie Cedilnik’s startling short fiction “Self Defense for Girls” published at Hobart.

Over at Lit Reactor, Bh Shepard explores the use of “storytelling” in Quentin Tarantino’s films.

And “The Kids are For Bernie,” stories about why the young are finally voting from The Atlantic.