Claudia Hinz

Claudia Hinz’s debut novel, BROKEN LINES, is currently out on submission. Her essays, articles, book reviews, and fiction have appeared in The Manifest-Station, Women Writers/Women Books, Other People’s Flowers, the Wrath-Bearing Tree, Brevity, The Boston Globe, 1859 Oregon’s Magazine, Flash Fiction Magazine, Bend Lifestyle Magazine, BLUNTMoms, and more.

Hinz graduated from Harvard with a Bachelor’s degree in English and American literature and received her M.A. in English from Southern Methodist University. She received a John Harvard Award for distinction with the highest honors. Hinz has worked as a television journalist for network affiliates in Northern California, Seattle, and Dallas. 

Hinz lives in Bend, Oregon with her family. She works as a writing consultant and editor. Hinz is currently working on revising her novel and is represented by Stacy Testa at the Writers House agency.

Updated June 2022

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