Bo Lewis

Bo Lewis’s fiction has received a Pushcart special mention and was a finalist in the Missouri Review Editors’ Prize. His stories have appeared in New England Review, A Public Space, Glimmer Train, Oxford American, New Ohio Review, and elsewhere. Lewis recorded audio readings of his two works, “Waiting for Tilda Swinton”, and “The Ghost of Andrew Johnson”, both of which appeared in New England Review, Volume 42.4 in 2021.

In praise of his story submission, The Worm at the Core”, A Public Space wrote, “Elegant and beautifully written, this writer is a seasoned and skilled storyteller. So much is packed into this short story—a teacher shut down by loss and life-weariness, a mysterious student who embodies what the teacher has lost sight of: the power of the imagination to see what isn’t there, recreate reality, and connect with others. And none of this is done “by abstraction” but by details and moments that build to a wonderful and earned resolution. This is very much a story for teachers who are overwhelmed by their own personal losses and crises and near “burnout.” Death, too, can be a teacher in the guise of a young student with a skill for creating what isn’t there, so that it is as real as what is, becomes a door to what is missing. I found this an impressive story. Here is a storyteller with mastery of technique and tempo and tone… Bring on the novel.”

Lewis teaches at a public high school in Brooklyn and is currently working on a novel.

Updated June 2022

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