June 27, 2014 |

Our Review at NewPages

So in the midst of wrapping up end-of-semester tasks, reading submissions for our upcoming Monster-themed issue, and of course getting completely engulfed by the World Cup, we failed to mention Julie J. Nichols’ flattering review of Issue 1. We’re blushing over here.

The inaugural issue of this stellar new litmag “devoted to stories of all kinds, focusing on a single theme each issue” is a double steal. To access Side B from Side A, readers have to turn the volume (the same size and shape as The Believer and Creative Nonfiction, two similarly innovative mags) over and upside-down. In either side, said reader will find herself “innovated” and turned more than a bit upside down, on purpose and with undeniable, delighted affirmation. I can imagine a cadre of new readers sitting around a table drinking wine and rehashing this issue with high gratification deep into the night.

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