January 7, 2020 |

Our Pushcart Prize Nominees

While we did post this on our Facebook page a few weeks ago, this is definitely an item we would like to feature on our home page, too. It is always difficult to choose just six nominations from the 30+ outstanding stories we published in 2019. Nonetheless, the decision had to be made, so here are our six nominees for the Pushcart Prize:

“Stockholm” by Anne Valente (spring 2019)

“The Monkey” by Jordan Jacks (spring 2019)

“Endangered Species: Case 47401” by Crystal Wilkinson (summer 2019)

“Something Street” by Carolyn Ferrell (summer 2019)

“Amputation and the Angels” by Kyle Minor (summer 2019)

“The Body” by Greg Hrbek (autumn 2019)

Pushcart Prize winners are typically announced in April. Keep an eye on this space three months from now and, with luck, we will be celebrating each of these authors again!

(Photo: André Hofmeister/Flickr)