November 26, 2015 | ,

May the Fork Be with You: What Do You Mean There Was a Star Wars Holiday Special?

Star Wars Holiday Special DVD © Disney
Star Wars Holiday Special DVD © Disney

Yep, it seems that this film actually happened. (Really.) Though a Star Wars fan since birth, I’d never heard of it—so I reached out to Ryan Britt, who, as demonstrated by his new book Luke Skywalker Can’t Read and Other Geeky Truths, is dialed in on all things science fiction:

Because recordings of The Star Wars Holiday Special are so rare, you’d think you’d be excited to watch the whole thing when you do track it down. But you don’t. You don’t want to finish that thing. It’s like the “The King in Yellow” of pop kitsch. No one should ever really watch it from start to finish, for fear of going totally insane.

Happy holidays from Story. (Go check out Ryan’s book between forkfuls of turkey.)