December 21, 2023 |

Our 2023 Pushcart Prize Nominations

We are happy to share our nominations for the Pushcart Prize. The postmark deadline was December 1st, so we made these choices weeks ago, and we’re long overdue for posting them on our website. This is always a difficult and challenging task, given how much we loved each story we published this year, but the decision had to be made, so here are our six nominees for this year’s Pushcart Prize:


“The Bus Driver” by Lori Ostlund; Issue #16 (spring 2023)

“You Little Me” by Carolyn Ferrell; Issue #16 (spring 2023)

“Two Decorated Skulls in the Miramonte Swamp” by Joel Hans; Issue #16 (spring 2023)

“Mobilization” by Allegra Hyde; Issue #16 (spring 2023)

“In the Tank” by Katherine Hill; Issue #17 (summer 2023)

“Mama Prayed” by Laura Venita Green; Issue #17 (summer 2023)


Pushcart Prize winners are typically announced in April. Selections from 2023, if honored for the Pushcart Prize, would appear in the anthology in December 2024, and would be titled The Pushcart Prize XLIX: Best of the Small Presses 2025. I think? My brain hurts right now trying to do the years in two different mathematical symbols. Point is, these si stories are boss and the anthology is bueno so just be prepared to see these authors in their pages in the near future.

~ MN