February 26, 2020 |

The Story Foundation Prize Winner

We are proud to announce the winner of our inaugural Story Foundation Prize. We’ve selected “Nightwatch” by Anne Elliott of Portland, Maine. Her story will be featured in our summer 2020 issue, due out in June.

Of Elliott’s story, contributing editor Lacey Dunham wrote: “A strong story whose plot, through the middle-aged protagonist, works to push women from beyond the object, to subject, to creator. Here is a woman who has given her life over to studying the art of mostly European white men, but who arrives to a place of self-acceptance and self-love only after she, in a way, steps outside that tradition entirely.” You can learn more about Anne at her website.

In addition, our staff selected several finalists. These include:

“Feliz Rapto” by Edward Derbes

“Dogs Don’t Know About Fallujah” by Paul Curley

“When Wanting Impossible Things” by Janice Whang

“My Son” by William Pei Shih

“Three Is a Sacred Number” by Ark Ramsay

“How I Know You Are Here” by Joe Baumann

“After Pangaea” by Michelle Ross

Our staff was delighted by the high quality of the stories we received and the challenge we faced to select a winner. Anne’s story will be featured in our forthcoming summer 2020 issue alongside writers such as Cara Blue Adams, Venita Blackburn, Ben Hinshaw, and Ellen Rhudy, among many others. This issue will be out in June 2020.

Photo courtesy of Jerry and Pat Donaho; view more of their work at Flickr