December 23, 2020 |

Our 2020 Pushcart Prize Nominations

Yes, the deadline to submit nominations to The Pushcart Prize is a December 1st postmark date, so yes, this happened a few weeks ago. Nonetheless, we have not yet posted publicly our choices. This is always a difficult and challenging task given how much we loved each story we published this year, but the decision had to be made, so here are our six nominees for this year’s Pushcart Prize:


“Nobody’s Dead” by Michael Byers, Spring 2020, #7

“The Traveling Studios of B. & B. Real Photo Postcards, 1911-1914” by Stephanie Coyne DeGhett, Autumn 2020, #9

“Displacement” by Megan Giddings, Spring 2020, #7

“Landscaping” by Oluwabambi Ige, Autumn 2020, #9

“The Long Punch” by Lucy Marcus, Summer 2020, #8

“The Body Forget Herself” by Ellen Rhudy, Summer 2020, #8


Pushcart Prize winners are typically announced in April. Selections from 2020, if honored for the Pushcart Prize, would appear in the anthology in 2021, and would be titled Pushcart Prize XLVI: Best of the Small Presses 2022. Look: time is a flat circle and publishing is weird. Anyway! Keep an eye on this space three months from now and, with luck, we will be celebrating each of these authors again!

Photo courtesy of Chris Goldberg