December 22, 2015 | ,

New Day Tuesday: Year of the Goose by Carly Hallman

The days between two weeks ago and New Years are some of the busiest: we get that. So this Tuesday we chose a new novel (published in paperback today) that supposedly keeps your finger poised on the page corner. Carly Hallman’s Year of the Goose follows the journey of Kelly Hui, who was given a high-ranking, low-responsibility position at her father’s snack food company in China. Through a complicated string of events, conflicts, and lunatics, Hallman depicts the absurdities and magic of contemporary Chinese capitalism and culture. Mark Haskell says, “Year of the Goose is a completely fresh and original comic novel overflowing with mayhem, sly and mordant humor, blood-thirsty slapstick, corporate malfeasance, hair extensions, Watermelon Wigglers, an enlightened turtle and a malevolent goose. It is an unhinged and utter delight.” And Amelia Gray adds that, “Fans of Mo Yan will see his spark in Hallman’s fire.” Year of the Goose is published by Unnamed Press and can be found at Unnamed, Barnes and Noble, or  Amazon.