December 1, 2015 | ,

New Day Tuesday: Kim Gordon’s Girl in a Band

Today we are cheating a bit with a book technically published nine months ago, but it’s Sonic Youth co-founder Kim Gordon’s memoir Girl in a Band, and the real publication date for any rock-n-roll memoir is the paperback one, because you can’t roll a hardcover and shove it in your back pocket.

Dey Street Books releases the paperback edition of Girl in a Band today, and the cover says it all: Gordon’s holding the metal pole of a subway, chin tilted up, razor-cut bangs in her eyes, T-shirt with a raging bull; the clash between grit and womanhood (if there even is one). Questlove of The Roots wrote in his New York Times review that “every subject is handled with careful introspection, detail and real feeling. We’re in Gordon’s head as she figures out the world around her.” And Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein said, “The best thing one of your heroes can do is make you feel heroic yourself. Kim Gordon has done just that.” Pick up your copy at a local bookstore, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon.