December 17, 2015 | ,

Gingerbread Reunion

During my junior year at York College of Pennsylvania, my friends and I decided after we got back from semester break to build a gingerbread house. We were unable to see each other over the Christmas holiday, so we figured it would be a fun thing we could do together to celebrate. We listened and sang along to Disney songs as we worked, and I tried to not eat all of the tiny, multi-colored candy balls while decorating the roof, the gummy pathway, and the windows on the back and sides of the house; my friend made the icicles on the front and back. After we finished decorating, we played with this weird, fake snow in a jar that takes about a month or two to dissolve. It looked like real snow, but it felt kind of rubbery when you touched it.

Part of a series of Holiday Storyographies from the Story staff.

Keigan Wersler is a senior at York College of Pennsylvania, majoring in Professional Writing and minoring and Biology and Creative Writing. She is currently an intern for Story. She likes reading and watching Japanese anime in her spare time.

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