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, | By Jessy Randall

[ September 5, 2016 ]

, , | By Kaila Young

[ August 22, 2016 ]

Evolution of a Warrior for Literary Diversity: An Interview with Alexandra Watson

  Alexandra Watson is the executive editor of Apogee, a journal of literature and art that engages with identity politics and social justice. Published in July 2016, Issue 07 of Apogee holds poetry, nonfiction, fiction, art, and interviews majorly confronting the idea of mourning. Bound by a stunning cover of a watercolor-skinned silhouette with clear eyes, this …

, | By Amity Bitzel

[ July 25, 2016 ]

Les Filles Mortes

  The girls are rising. They clamber forth from deep pits in Juarez, the lunar slide of their hipbones canted and pocked. They scratch their way out of shallow holes in the Oregon forest, dirt staining the fractured moons of their fingernails. In Florida, saltwort coils round their feet, desperate to keep them there in …

, , | By MK Chavez

[ July 18, 2016 ]


I always knew that I would burn. I knew it even at eleven, standing in the Jehovah Hall  wearing a Pepto-Bismol pink crinoline dress, my fat-knobby knees rubbing that rough fabric, the itch of that crinoline dress and a forced smile.  The force upon me like damp fur. I could smell it, the danger of it, God, …

, | By Justina Ireland

[ July 11, 2016 ]

An Apartheid of the Imagination

  This week’s story is the first of our We Are Here Now Online Issue which features stories dedicated to women and other under-represented voices. A new story from the issue is to be published every Monday.  Imagine if you will, the author as a teen: awkward, black, and completely absorbed in the act of …