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[ February 2, 2016 ]

New Day Tuesday: Today Means Amen by Sierra DeMulder

I didn’t cry when I watched The Notebook or Titanic, or at that part when Plato dies in Rebel Without a Cause. I didn’t cry for The Bell Jar or The Great Gatsby. But when I watched Sierra DeMulder perform at York College last Spring, I sobbed. It was one of those purifying, necessary sobs that had been …

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[ January 26, 2016 ]

New Day Tuesday: Good on Paper by Rachel Cantor

In Story‘s home base in York, Pennsylvania, we are still recovering Blizzard Jonas—the storm that buried nearly half of eastern America under snow mounds the size of overgrown adolescents. Thankfully, here has landed a warmhearted book for the snow days gracing us out east. Good on Paper by Rachel Cantor describes Shira Greene’s effort to find work as …


[ January 19, 2016 ]

New Day Tuesday: When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

Around 8 P.M., I sat down in the neurosurgery office, next to a radiology viewing station. I turned it on, looked at my patients’ scans for the next day—two simple spine cases—and, finally, typed in my own name. I zipped through the images as if they were a kid’s flip-book, comparing the new scan to the …

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[ January 12, 2016 ]

New Day Tuesday: The Happy Marriage by Tahar Ben Jelloun

Look again at that cover image: a milky skin background and two hands, tapestry-stitched patterns in non-matching colors, one hand splintering apart. See the gold rings on the index fingers in contrast, one band unable to hold together its shattering appendage. Tahar Ben Jelloun’s new novel The Happy Marriage tells the story of a painter who grows gradually exhausted with his wife …

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[ January 5, 2016 ]

New Day Tuesday: Mr. Splitfoot

For the first New Day of the new year, we chose the novel that “promises to be the year’s most unusual ghost story,” according to The Millions. Samantha Hunt’s new novel, Mr. Splitfoot, entangles orphans who talk to the dead, with a mute woman and her pregnant niece. Their stories swim through different seas to arrive at the …

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[ December 22, 2015 ]

New Day Tuesday: Year of the Goose by Carly Hallman

The days between two weeks ago and New Years are some of the busiest: we get that. So this Tuesday we chose a new novel (published in paperback today) that supposedly keeps your finger poised on the page corner. Carly Hallman’s Year of the Goose follows the journey of Kelly Hui, who was given a high-ranking, low-responsibility position at her …

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[ December 15, 2015 ]

New Day Tuesday: C’est la guerre by Danniel Schoonebeek

…You ever get that instinct to call your friend anyway, warn her that you’re here on her stoop at 5:50 AM, but you never do it? Because you want to be those three knocks on her door in the first bruised hours of morning, that fizz of panic in her brain, is it the police …

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[ December 8, 2015 ]

New Day Tuesday: The Farmacist by Ashley Farmer

It’s God’s day, but I wear thigh highs beneath my Bible. Maybe that’s why He took my flock. My lambkin lost, I feel forsaken. I witness crooks and necks that crane toward this skirt impractical for tending sheep or even nailing up Have You Seen Me? posters… And so begins the chapter “Little Bo Peep Comes to …

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[ December 1, 2015 ]

New Day Tuesday: Kim Gordon’s Girl in a Band

Today we are cheating a bit with a book technically published nine months ago, but it’s Sonic Youth co-founder Kim Gordon’s memoir Girl in a Band, and the real publication date for any rock-n-roll memoir is the paperback one, because you can’t roll a hardcover and shove it in your back pocket. Dey Street Books releases the paperback edition of Girl …

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[ November 24, 2015 ]

New Day Tuesday: Luke Skywalker Can’t Read and Other Geeky Truths

Every Tuesday, Story Online will recommend a new book being published. To kick off New Day Tuesday, check out one of our favorite Story editors, Ryan Britt, and his new book, Luke Skywalker Can’t Read and Other Geeky Truths. This collection of essays is personal, insightful, hysterical. Geek-royalty and Welcome to Night Vale narrator Cecil Baldwin calls the book “personally revealing, …