Category: Fiction

| By Benjamin Percy

[ Issue Issue #1 ]

The Cold Boy

The forest is hardwood and the branches of the oaks and maples and sycamores and walnuts would have been bare except for the crows, hundreds of them, all huddled like little men in black cloaks. Together they make a rusty music—clicking their beaks and rustling their feathers and clawing the bark and hissing and muttering …

| By Stephen Dixon

[ Issue Issue #3 ]

A Different End

I’m all confused. What if she hadn’t gone to Emergency that last time? She didn’t want to go. I told her she had to. “Listen, you’re sick. You can’t stay at home. We can’t chance it. You have what seems like pneumonia again. After four times in two years, I can recognize the signs. You’ve …

| By Katherine Zlabek

[ Issue Issue #4 ]


Both issues were tabled and solved in the same conversation: Geri and Jim would date one another, and they would rent out their basement. It was a ranging, hour-long discussion that took into account their finances and career prospects, as well as their mental health and fitness. Geri wrote notes on legal paper and, after, …

| By Phong Nguyen

[ Issue Issue #4 ]

Prompt for Final Essay

For your final paper this semester, you will be assigned a poem from the American literary canon. Write a twelve-to-fifteen page essay in which you analyze the poem and explain how it relates to your life. Make sure you draw personal connections to your life while you analyze the poem. What makes this poem significant …

| By Michael Martone

[ Issue Issue #4 ]


A year before his own death, Art Smith, found himself in western Ohio at the service of First National Pictures, advertising with his skywriting, the company’s new moving picture, The Lost World. His mission bought him over the Little Miami River valley to The Land of the Cross-Tipped Churches, a farming region settled by immigrant …

| By Jordan Jacks

[ Issue Issue #4 ]

The Monkey

By the time the TSA agent pulled her out of the x-ray machine and began to pat her down, Minnie had completely forgotten about the bullet in her pocket. She hadn’t been to visit Alice in half a lifetime, and nothing in the Mobile airport was where she remembered it. The bathrooms were hard to …

| By Dionne Irving

[ Issue Issue #4 ]


“Jamaican women,” he’d told her, “are the most beautiful in the world, and I can always spot them—at any distance.” It was for him a matter of nationalistic pride. Anaya met the famous writer seven years earlier during Carnival in Trinidad. Her modeling agency had hired her out to a rum company. Her job was …

| By Claudia Hinz

[ Issue Issue #4 ]


Her husband Gwil was the one to suggest a painting but it was Nadine’s idea first. It wasn’t so surprising that after sleeping next to her for nearly fifty years he could read her mind. There was, after all, that blank wall in their new master. They slept with the French doors open to hear …

| By Brett Beach

[ Issue Issue #4 ]

Bright Young Things

After his wife’s death, Wilson called each of his sons once a week to check in—to say, I’m still alive. Don’t forget about me. In early December, his oldest son answered as if they were already in the middle of a conversation: “Look, Dad, I know it’s cruel but what are we supposed to do? …

| By Yohanca Delgado

[ Issue Issue #4 ]

The Niece

Cruso has a key to her apartment—for emergencies—and he begins to use it. He waits until after nine in the morning, when he is sure that she and the kids are gone for the day, and then he walks down the long tiled hallway and turns the key, listening for the quiet retraction of the …