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, | By Chantel Vereen

[ January 18, 2016 ]

Whipped in the Face

Everyone cares about something. Some people care for human life—children, parents, lovers. Some are also very passionate about inanimate objects—cell phones, computers, make up. Above all else, there is always one thing that we care about, one thing that we would push ourselves to the most challenging limits for, would defy all odds, something that …

, | By Kaila Young

[ January 11, 2016 ]

Our Finite Lives: A Review of Christopher DeWeese’s The Father of the Arrow Is the Thought

Artist Paul Klee said, “The father of the arrow is the thought: How do I expand my reach? Over this river? This lake? That mountain?” Let’s analyze that, the metaphor, the metatheory, the meta—or, let’s not. Instead, let’s look at the work of Christopher DeWeese, a poet from Ohio whose recent collection reflects the same theories that …

, | By Juliana Lyon

[ January 4, 2016 ]

Lucy, the Bechdel Test, and Gender Bias in Film

I. Many movies today still do not pass the Bechdel Test, which asks that two, named female characters speak to each other during a film about something other than a man. Created by American cartoonist, Alison Bechdel, the initial idea for the test came from her 1985 cartoon strip called Dykes to Watch Out For. Because …