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| By Macey Phillips

[ Issue Issue #14 ]

Tunnel Vision

There is a man sitting on a bench in the sun. He watches a woman on hot pink roller skates stumble around the tennis court beside the bench. He has just been fired from his job as a radiation physicist. He fixes radiation machines—or did, anyways. He recalibrated them to make sure they beamed the …

, | By Ciera Horton McElroy

[ Issue Issue #14 ]

The Faith Healer

We don’t know why he came. Ours is not a big city. There are no stadiums, no conference centers, no airport hotels to fill with hosannas. Instead, he has a folding chair at the farmer’s market. Behind him rests a banana crate, handpainted. Miracles $10. He does not look like a faith healer. As we …

| By Jared Lemus

[ Issue Issue #14 ]

So Long to the Rearview

The next curve is a tricky one. Too much pressure on the gas and the van could tip. Not enough, and the truck a cigarette-length from your fender will send you flying cliffside. Or worse, they’ll overtake you ‘round the blind corner. This happens, and your regulars will click their tongues and say each second …

| By Blake Johnson

[ Issue Issue #14 ]


The free health clinic had closed, and our anxieties were piling up, so Frankin and I had no choice but to try our luck near the pill mill that afternoon. The plan was to mug some unlucky individual, then sell the spoils so we could each afford a doctor’s visit. “In all probability,” Frankin had …

| By Laura Venita Green

[ Issue Issue #14 ]


The Thompson kids’ dad sold the black walnut trees behind their house for timber and now clusters of big sad stumps spoiled the backyard. Tess was living with and caring for the kids—ten-year-old Miles and eight-year-old Minnie—while the Thompson mom recovered in some facility for broken-down women and the Thompson dad drove a long-haul truck …

| By Marya Brennan

[ Issue Issue #14 ]

How Lovely To Be Made of Wax

It was a patient, Mr. Clayton, who told Nell about the Traveling Hall of Wax, while at her office to replace a cracked molar. After measuring the gap and gluing in a temporary crown, Dr. Klein left Nell to clean up. “Spit,” she said. Mr. Clayton spit. “You know Taylor Swift? I mean, I know …

| By Je Banach

[ Issue Issue #14 ]

Big Bird

Emma had never really considered her body, or rather, its temporality before. Illness was a little-thought-of inconvenience, something that came and then went, a brief interruption that required little in the way of meditation. A more formidable opponent as one grew old, perhaps, but that was a long way off. Illness had nothing to do …

| By Barbara Sutton

[ Issue Issue #13 ]


The crows started fighting early that morning. Their sawmill-keyed rants from a nearby tree made it impossible to continue sleeping, but I refused to open my eyes. I lie in bed watching as the white letters C-R-O-W-S appeared singly before a sea of black feathers, the opening credits of a scratchy Super 8. In this …

| By Michael Nye

[ Issue Issue #13 ]

Spring 2022

To read this editor’s note, please purchase a copy of issue #13, due out in March 2022.

| By Youn Rourke

[ Issue Issue #13 ]

Prank Calls

We started making prank calls some nights after we’d gone out dancing, Lana and me, when we were in between drunk and hyped and couldn’t get to sleep right away. We were too old for it of course but that made it all the more novel. We hadn’t known each other when it was a …