Story is a tri-annual print publication devoted to the complex and diverse world of short fiction. Since 1931, work that originally appeared in Story has been reprinted dozens of times in editions of The Best American Short Stories, The Pushcart Prize, and The O. Henry Prize Stories.

Editor-in-Chief: Michael Nye

Deputy Editor: Sophia Huneycutt

Associate Editor: LaTanya McQueen

Assistant Editors: Mia Fischel and Erin Mayle

Editor-at-Large: Travis Kurowski

Contributing Editors: Heather Aronson, Yvette Benavides, Andrew Bockhold, Kristen Brunelli, Sela Chavez, Lacey Dunham, Cieara Edwards, Kevin Grauke, Alice Hafer, Marisa Helff, Abigail Kortering, Christopher Lowe, Kari Lund-Teigen, Adam McDonald, Cassie Oswood, Amy Payne, Jose Rodriguez, Jeanne Shoemaker, Megan Peck Shub, Mark Steinwachs, Jacqui Reiko Teruya, Kristin Tenor, Catie Wiley, and Brenna Womer

Interns: Lucy Dale, Nina Downing, Sofia Monteleone, Estan Rodriguez, Emily Toohey, and Chuck Vogelgesang

Board of Directors: Ruth Awad, Valerie Cumming, Keith Leonard, and Maggie Smith

Advisory Board: David Althoff, Jürgen Fauth, Stephanie G’Schwind, Roxane Gay, Jonathan Gottschall, Andrea Martucci, Speer Morgan, David Shields, Randi Shedlosky-Shoemaker, Jim Shepard, and Marion Winik

Published by the Story Foundation

Office: 312 E Kelso Rd., Columbus, OH 43202

Email: contact@storymagazine.org

Submissions are welcome year-round via our Submission Manager.

History: Story was founded in 1931 by Martha Foley and her husband Whit Burnett. They originally began publishing the magazine out of Vienna, but relocated to New York City in 1933, thanks to the financial support of Random House. After Foley and Burnett divorced, Burnett continued Story with his second wife, Hallie Southgate Burnett. Story published fitfully for decades until finally shuttering in 1967. Authors published during this thirty-six year period included Nelson Algren, Sherwood Anderson, John Cheever, Truman Capote, Mary O’Hara, Carson McCullers, Norman Mailer, Anais Nin, William Saroyan, and Richard Wright.

In 1989, Lois Rosenthal revived Story as a quarterly magazine under F+W Publications. Her husband Richard served as the publisher. Under Rosenthal’s editorship, Story was a five-time finalist and two-time winner of the National Magazine Award for fiction. Lois published a diverse roster of the best contemporary writers such as Amy Bloom, Andrea Barrett, Bonnie Jo Campbell, Dan Chaon, Percival Everett, Elizabeth Gilbert, Barry Lopez, Abraham Rodriguez, Carol Shields, and William Vollman. The magazine ceased publication in 2000.

In 2014, Travis Kurowski relaunched Story as a double-side annual publication out of York College. Authors published during this era include Etgar Keret, Tao Lin, Lincoln Michel, Timothy Liu, Mary Miller, and Christine No. After three issues, the magazine shut down in 2016.

Two years later, Michael Nye revived Story, establishing the magazine as the cornerstone of a non-profit, independent arts organization based in Columbus, Ohio. The revival issue appeared in March 2019, and featured new work by Marilyn Abildskov, Yohanca Delgado, Michael Martone, Phong Nguyen, Anne Valente, Dionne Irving, and Claudia Hinz. Each issue features the work of an Ohio artist on its cover and writing by an Ohio author in its pages. The triannual magazine publishes in February, June, and November.

Story has consistently been one of the first to publish writers who have later been awarded literary honors such as the National Book Award, the Pulitzer Prize, and the PEN/Hemingway Award, and received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Institute of Arts and Letters, and the Guggenheim Foundation.

Story is a proud member of the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses and is grateful for the support of the Greater Columbus Arts Council and the Ohio Arts Council.