God Says No

High Five

You killed Tatiana because you were jealous, didn’t you, Tiffany Savage. You seethed over her top-notch manicurist, her platinum rings and bracelets encrusted with lapis lazuli, her Moroccan leather gloves. You despised her ability to take it all for granted, casually cupping Fortunoff snifters at the ball of her thumb, letting Matilda smooth exotic cremes across her knuckles. But even more than the amenities, you coveted her unfathomably successful modeling career. The brighter her lifestyle … [Read More...]



The following is an excerpt of Mary Miller's short story, "Charts," featured in Story Issue 1.  The air is full of perfume and energy and I don’t want to go but they act like I don’t have a choice and this is what I need in order to be motivated. Now there are five of us, and we could all be traipsing drunkenly down the alley, holding each other up, laughing. In my room, the cat is curled on my pillow. I didn’t see her move from the couch. She looks up at me with her big eyes and … [Read More...]